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Retirement Vision & Notes

Mike expects to finish full-time employment to enjoy his last years with activities that enrich and share personal relationships before health fails and energy wains. He wants to enjoy his remaining years with Mona, travel to be with his growing and changing family and friends, participate with interesting groups where ever they are, maintain a healthy lifestyle, tackle challenges and leave a positive legacy.


A book, “How to Retire Happy,” by Stan Hinden, offers an outline to consider.

What Does Retirement Look Like

  • Getting Ready
  • Deciding When

The time spent working full-time no longer appeals, health is still good and time with family and friends is more valuable. Income, draw-down and expenses line up to allow a sustainable lifestyle to age 90.

Estate and Will Leaving value for family and friends behind, through memorials and inheretances will require thought and forward planning.

When / Where / Who

When to Move:

Mike anticipates that a variety of short-term rentals will be used to investigate possible purchases of units in which he and Mona can live for weeks at a time, each season. A period of time before formal retirement is anticipated, perhaps beginning summer 2023 thru 2026. By 2027, a purchase of a new dwelling unit can be executed after selling property in West Jordan.

  • Initial rental

Mike is attracted to places listed below and will make a map with which to pick out short-term rentals.

  • Formal Purchase of Units

Although existing properties are considered, a lack of inventory for next few years justifies new construction.

Where to Live:

  • Library
  • Public Transit
  • Walkable to groceries and dining
  • Doctors
  • WiFi / High-Speed Internet
  • Outdoor area for Dog
  • Indoor area for family meals and games

How and How Much

  • Income & Expenses
  • Social Security
  • Pension
  • 401k Withdrawls
  • IRA and Real Estate
  • Future Investments
  • Health Insurance
  • Long Term Care
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