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PNW Abode Vision Namespace

This site namespace will be a shared “vision board” and “repository” for an abode that Mike and Mona can live in to be near family in the Pacific Northwest.

This namespace will be modified as ideas and considerations are captured. These snips, stories, comments and other pieces of information can be listed, sorted, expanded and discarded to take the visions to reality. The namespace will contain links and comments to information included.

A ToDo page captures ideas and actions to further pursue to make this vision real.

A Contacts page contains info about stakeholders.

Ref: Mike's phone: storage/3336-6662/05MVV-P_Copy/DocsMaM/Rental/PNW

Tenant Characteristics

Tenants could be students (single, Male or Female), young adults (couples, mixed), single men, single women, families (with kids), empty nesters and elderly if suites can be mixed and matched with common bath - kitchen - living - parking - yard spaces.

PNW Abode Vision

The vision of or abode may consist of apartment unit(s), Auxilliary Dwelling Unit(s) (ADU), rental space in home(s) or RV unit(s) that offer housing with income. Other possibilities include horse property to lease, vacation rental or B&B, business space or mobile homes. This goal gives us a place to call home, within a two hour drive to Spokane and Coeur d' Alene, to be near parents, kids and grand-kids, by Mike's early-retirement in 2025.

This vision will include the: 'why', 'what', 'who' / 'where' / 'when', 'how' and 'how-much' of ideas that can be executed to realize an abode for us that gives purpose to the goal. By that I mean we will consider options for a time and then select a plan to give us a comfortable and safe home with income to carry it forward by covering costs. We are experienced sharing property with tenants and the PNW needs housing, business, storage and farm spaces.


Information item references will be listed below. No particular format is imposed as these will be added in no particular order, only as they are identified. The DokuWiki allows info to be added spontaneously, when it is identified. Compiling, organizing, evaluating and deciding on actions will come later and documenting those steps will appear on other pages.

The city of Spokane has a homeless population whose characteristics need to be understood to inform housing decisions. See: for 9/10/22 Spokesman Review story about “Camp Hope” and: for 9/11/22 Spokesman Review story about Catholic Charities and city efforts to establish a shelter on west end. Salt Lake City is also developing housing as described in the Salt Lake Tribune story 9/10/22: A pause in development along Hwy195 is in effect for 6 months to identify and align infrastructure fees - see: and

Area Geography

Numerous areas should be considered to find those with access to services such as medical, libraries, fire protection, groceries, hardware and transit to rail and airports.

Overall Area

Area within one- to two-hour drive time to family

Post Falls and Morane Prairie area where new developments are underway

Market Demand

A group of units that use common kitchen, bath, HVAC, plumbing, exterior walls and landscape with separate private spaces could be designed.

  • Home Prices are softer Jan 2022 than in Dec 2021
  • Area prices for Small Towns are identified in SR article 3/13/22 saved as .pdf on Mike's phone (SD…DocsMandM/Rental/PNW/Small…pdf). Republic prices for single-family home are $200k. Inventory is low so new construction may be appropriate.

Supply Accomodation

Middle Housing Zoning Laws

  • "Middle Housing" article in Spokesman Review 2/6/22 that describes state law proposals to enable affordable housing. Zoning changes, near transit hubs, would allow more duplex, triplex, four or five plex units with smaller set-backs and on corners. Debate will occur in state legislative committees during current session. These changes are to force cities to allow mid-housing but incentives are likely to be added. Changes take several years as evidenced in other states (Minn, Ore, Cal).

Cannon Streetcar Neighborhood

Public Transit Spokane RT Bus Proposed 2/9/22

  • Spokane Rapid Transit (RT) Proposed to provide a 16 year upgrade to north-South public transit with a new dedicated bridge over I-90 along the Division Street corridor.

Plan Ideas


“If you build it, they will come”

  • Spokesman Review, 2/13/22
  • New construction is justified by demand. (Are builders staffing up for projects into 2024?)

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